Winter hunting and outdoor activities in Idaho



Winter hunting and outdoor activities in Idaho

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winter-in-rigginsIdaho offers an opportunity to enjoy a tremendous amount of outdoor opportunities. Deer, antelope, to pheasant  and other species in the area are some of the things that you can hunt. Given Idaho’s mountainous terrain, it is a hunter’s great escape especially during winter. This is the time when it becomes challenging even for the veteran hunters.

Wolf hunting is among some of the popular activities in the area. Though some parties agree while some disagree on hunting wolves in the mountainous areas of Idaho; this is a great opportunity, especially for hunting enthusiasts. There are two popular options for hunting wolves. Starting from the base camp, they either make use of the ATV or snow mobile as their means of transportation.

There are also those who horseback hunting elk and deer in the mountainous Idaho terrain. It is possible to have a guided hunting experience with the help of experts. Keep in mind though that you will only be limited to hunt a certain number of deer and elk in order to maintain the population of particular species in an area.

One of the most common questions asked is if it is always a successful hunting experience? Not necessarily. There are several factors that you will need to consider. Terrain, experience of the hunter and the weather should all be looked into. Should you really want to have a good hunting experience, you want to make sure that you contact a state licensed outfitter.

Fishing and Water Activities

Aside from hunting, it is also possible to perform fishing activities in the area. One of the most popular rivers in Idaho is the Salmon River. The Salmon River, located in central Idaho and it flows for 425 miles.  As the name suggests, Salmon River is the home to the Chinook “King” Salmon. 45% of all the Chinook salmon is produced in the Salmon River, but of course, you have to consider the season also.

Watching winter migrations

If you are neither into fishing nor hunting, it is a good option to go wildlife watching. Wildlife watching is perfect during winter. Animals move down searching for food, which would make a great photograph opportunity. This is also the time when Bighorn rams go to the area of River of No Return. Catching the migration pathway of species is a great sight to see.

Winter is a perfect time to visit the state of Idaho. It offers a variety of things for those who love the water activities to those who love hunting and photography. If you are going to visit the state, it is ideal that you find a place to stay in.

Steelhead Inn offers superb accommodations for individuals and families looking to maximize the winter season in the state of Idaho. For those looking for an ideal location, Steelhead Inn is located in Lucile, Idaho. This is located just a few minutes from Riggins. Also, you get to wake up on the Salmon River. It offers nine comfortable rooms, with TV and wifi. Also, there’s a common kitchen that you could use for cooking your meals.

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