What To Expect at Salmon River Jet Boat Races 2015



What To Expect at Salmon River Jet Boat Races 2015

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Riggins Salmon River Jet Boat RacesIf you ever wanted to witness something different for 2015, it’s a great idea to head to Riggins this April 17, 2015. Here, you will be able to see the 31st Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races 2015 sponsored by the Salmon River Jet Boat Committee. This highly anticipated event of the year is where world renown race teams go at it marathon style. Here, expect both awards and big purses to be awarded to the winning teams.

Why Is It The Best Time To Visit Riggins?

As background, Riggins, Idaho is the area where both the Salmon River and the Little Salmon River meet. Known for its high elevation above sea level, Riggins is a spot where you experience peace and tranquility. A lot of people visit Riggins in order to see the Salmon River.

The Salmon River offers diversity of activities that individuals and families could enjoy. Dubbed as the River of No Return, The Salmon River is a 425 mile body of water that runs through the Snake River. Salmon River offers diversity of fishes such as steelhead and Chinook salmon.

For April though, you can experience something different on this particular weekend. In fact, yearly,

Salmon River Jet Boat Races

Salmon River Jet Boat Races

everyone is up on their feet due to the high adrenaline action expected during the races. In 2011, a local driver from Riggins broke course record for the said race.
When you mix over 1300 horsepower with a boat that is below 2,000 pounds, you can expect a high octane race. For 2015, sky is the limit! Dubbed as the world’s toughest course for jet boat racing, the Salmon River is the venue where navigators and professional racers put their skills to the test.

Things You Can Do Aside From The Race?

The Salmon River Jet Boat Races 2015 activity is going to be held starting April 17-19. On the first day, you can witness the Show and Shine Boat Show to prep for the races for the entire weekend. However, if you want to also explore what Riggins can offer, it is also a good idea to explore the surrounding areas of the Salmon River. Salmon River is haven for hunting enthusiasts, and even for those who love to hike. Here, you will enjoy variety of wildlife. You can even choose to explore the surrounding areas using an ATV.

What To Expect On This Weekend?

As mentioned, this is a highly anticipated event of the year. And as a precaution, you want to make accommodations reservations early. Expect flocks of both enthusiasts and tourists to go to Riggins on the said date. So where can you stay?

Steelhead Inn is a great place where you and your family or group could stay if you want to beat the crowds and partying in Riggins. Steelhead Inn is located 14 miles north of Riggins in Lucile, Idaho. Here, you can roast marshmallows under the stars and wake up right in front of the Salmon River. Enjoy our community kitchen and dining room where you can prepare meals for your entire group. With 9 spacious rooms, free TV and internet, this is a place where you and your group can enjoy quality lodging. And if you want to go to Riggins for the race and other events that the weekend offers, you can easily get there without any problems. It’s high octane during the days and quiet, peacefulness in the evenings. Our light is always on for you.

For more information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (208) 628-4279.

Jet boat crashed into rock at Salmon River Jet Boat Races 2013. Watch video here.

Visit the official Salmon River Jet Boat Races Facebook page.

Photo credit: A204: Frank Mignerey

Photo credit: #225 rock crash: Strategic Mobili

jet boat crashes into rock

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