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TransAmerica Bicycle Trail: Experience North America on a Bike

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transamerica-bicycle-trailTransAmerica Bicycle Trail: Experience North America on a Bike

Long distance biking is a sport that tests the will and determination of any individual. TransAmerica Bicycle Trail offers a one of a kind experience and adventure that inspires people to travel by bicycle. Organized by the Adventure Cycling Association, its mission is to motivate and to empower bicycle riders in traveling North America in a different way. What started as a small organization in 1973, it now holds 46,500 members after 35 years. It is now enjoyed by people all over the world.

Where does it go?

TransAmerica Bicycle Trail offers a total of 4232 miles with 12 routes starting from Astoria, OR to Coburg, OR for the first leg, until it reaches the last leg from Christiansburg, VA to Yorktown, VA. With a combination of rocky mountains, routes along the large river valleys and uphill roads, expect the best of what adventure on a bike could offer. This route should be carefully planned by the biker. In fact, it is suggested by Adventure Cycling Association to have a 3 month contingency plan. How much water you bring, how much food you are getting from every stop, are just some of the things that you need to think about.

Ridden from May to September, bikers from all over the world live a three month biking experience that traverses from easy to hard routes. However, all of which offers a great chance for sight seeing. Bikers find different array of camping experiences throughout this trip. City parks, small private camping grounds and even national forests and backyards are some of the options that bikers have.

Entering Idaho to Montana

Once it hits Idaho, the bikers are greeted by the Salmon River. Popularly known for whitewater activities, the Salmon River has been known as the River of No Return because of its strong rapids. This site is also known for its history. Known to be a Native American site, this provides an interesting look at beauty and history of what the area can offer. Beautiful panoramas and mountainous areas are expected in the state of Idaho.

The route from Idaho is then followed by the scenic Lochsa River for the longest part of the trip with gradual ascent (roughly around 70 miles). From here, the bikers then climb the Lolo Pass and cross the Idaho-Montana border.

Where to stay in?

The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail offers 12 segments that allow you to experience the best of what long distance adventure biking can offer. Long stretches in between accommodations can be expected, thus you need to plan ahead where you want to stay.  For some of those areas that are known for tourist attractions, you can expect the abundance of places to stay in.

For those who are looking for a place to stay in within the vicinity of the picturesque Salmon River, it depends on where you are planning to stop. Before heading out to Riggins, and out to the Montana border, it is a good idea to find a place to stay in Lucile. Lucile is located near Riggins.

Steelhead Inn has become the home to many transient guests in Lucile. It has become home to many bikers, cowboys and families looking for a great weekend in the area. Offering 9 rooms complete with amenities such as wifi and TV, it has a friendly vibe that makes your stay in the area extra special. Book your room today! (208) 628-4279

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