Things You Need to Know Before Hiking and Camping in Salmon River This 2015



Things You Need to Know Before Hiking and Camping on the Salmon River This 2015

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Salmon River

Things You Need to Know Before Hiking and Camping on the Salmon River This 2015

Salmon River is an ideal location not only for fishing and water activities. It has been known for its wildlife as well. In fact, campers and hikers go to this part of Idaho to experience the best in wildlife, not to mention to take a step back from the busy life of the city.

There are a lot of campgrounds within the Salmon River area. In fact, the River of No Return offers a lot of things to those who love the outdoors. This 425 mile river in central Idaho drains through a thinly populated watershed of about 14,000 square miles. This is where hunters also go. If you’ll be camping or hiking in this part of Idaho, here are some things that you need to know.

Where to camp?

Salmon-Challis National forest is among the best spots to pick in Idaho. This area has a total of 87 campgrounds. This is where a lot of hikers, hunters and fishing enthusiasts go. Salmon-Challis National forest provides its campgrounds on a first come first serve basis. Thus, you may want to also check the season when you plan to go to this place.

Sawtooth National Forest is another area that you could visit. With 30 campsites, this place is free of any charge until May. However, you just have to be conscious about the trash. With a 6200 feet elevation, you get a mix of pine trees and meadows. Located in Stanley, it is possible to also visit the Stanley Museum after. However, you need to know when to get to this part of the Salmon River. Sites 13 to 30 are closed for maintenance from August until May of the following year.

Things to remember

You have to first determine if you would like to have an RV, or if you plan to just have a tent. Salmon-Chills National forest offers an area where you could have your RV. However, you need to understand that the design of this national forest is mainly for older and smaller RVs. Also, you need to remember that Salmon-Chills National Forest doesn’t provide hookups for basic amenities such as electricity, water and sewer.

Make Your Trip Stress Free

How do you make the trip particularly stress free? First, you want to plan ahead of time. Know exactly the things that you are going to bring for how many days. Are you planning to stay for the night? Or are you planning to stay longer? Next, know every detail such as if it is the time of the year when a lot of hikers go to these areas in Salmon River.

And lastly, if you have plans of enjoying the outdoors, one of the best places that you could stay is near Riggins. Here, you could gain access to Salmon River’s forested areas easily. Steelhead Inn is among the best places that offer comfortable rooms with great amenities in Lucile.

With nine rooms, free WiFi, and TV, you could have a relaxing sleep. And also, there is an area where you could park your RV, not to mention a common kitchen where you could prepare your meals for the next day.

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