Steelhead Inn’s 3rd Year Anniversary With the Browns



Steelhead Inn’s 3rd Year Anniversary With the Browns

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Steelhead Inn’s 3rd Year Anniversary With The Browns

Steelhead Inn's 3 Year Anniversary

We came here wanting to be “of service” to all people by sharing our life stories, experience, strength and hope.  Little did we know how that might fit into running a small motel.

Those are words coming from Kenn Brown, owner of Steelhead Inn located in Lucile, Idaho. This May 1, 2014, Steelhead Inn is going to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary. In the past three years, this has become the perfect lodging and go-to destination for so many individuals, families, and groups who love to relax and experience nature, first hand. The place owned by Kenn and Nancy Brown made it possible for individuals to relax, experience nature and find the best of what Lucile, Riggins, and other nearby locations can offer.

History of Steelhead Inn

Some things are just meant to be. That’s how Steelhead Inn started. Kenn and Nancy Brown purchased the property as a home for their personal use and turned it into something better for everyone. Located in Lucile, Idaho, it was a perfect location on the Salmon River. For those who are aware of the Salmon River, this is one of the best places in the state of Idaho, where you can enjoy water recreation activities such as fishing, rafting and many others.

After looking at the possibilities of catering towards a number of people, Kenn and Nancy Brown decided to open their property to be of service to everyone. They were driven by the thought of meeting new people and their own sharing life stories with guests.

Running a small motel was a new thing for the couple. For a month, Steelhead Inn was cleaned, repaired and the owners took care of its permits. Steelhead Inn wasn’t always what it is now. In fact, before opening in 2011, the place was a mess.  For the last 7 years prior to 2011, Steelhead Inn was an abandoned property.

Happy to Meet New People

Rachel Pace“What a blessing!  Nancy and I truly enjoy what we are doing.  The people who have stayed at the Steelhead have all been extremely great customers,” iterates Kenn.

For the past three years, Kenn and Nancy Brown transformed the location and were lucky enough to meet different guests. From groups, families, singles and couples looking for a vacation getaway to those who went to Lucile, Idaho for mushroom hunting, and tree planting, these are some of the individuals that the owners met in the past three years.

It has become one of the most ideal stop over locations centrally located in the state. Also, the place has become the home away from home for many fishing enthusiasts over the last three years. Located on the Salmon River, it was a comfortable place for these individuals to stay at Steelhead Inn.  All they have to do is to step outside and boat ramp access is nearby too. Because of the convenience of river views and access from all rooms, Steelhead Inn managed to get people who enjoyed water recreational activities in their premises. Aside from those individuals who love water activities, there are also those who loved to watch the Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races.

Offering Top Notch Amenities

Privacy is what you are going to get at Steelhead Inn. Offering access to TV, Wi-Fi, and great landscape, Steelhead Inn provides the best of both worlds. It lets you enjoy nature without any discomfort. With 9 available rooms to choose from, Steelhead Inn is happy to serve guests whether they are having group gathering or a simple weekend vacation. Also popular are well-mannered furry friends that are invited to stay with their families. Steelhead Inn offers fun for the whole family.

Since 2011, Steelhead Inn managed to cater to a number of individuals looking for a vacation and first hand experience with nature. This has become the home away from home by many individuals who wanted not just to see but experience the majestic Salmon River firsthand.

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