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Steelhead Inn Motel – What to do when Spring Arrives in Lucile, Idaho?

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Steelhead Inn Motel – What to do when Spring Arrives in Lucile, Idaho?







Steelhead Inn Riverfront Motel!

Taking a spring break in central Idaho, in and around Lucile, is certainly a vacation you’ll soon want to repeat. First of all, no matter what part of the country you drive there from, the scenery will be breathtaking and it’s been written up in many national travel magazines.

Springtime in this part of Idaho covers the hillsides in a carpet of green then dresses the hills with colorful wildflowers. Wildlife, from big game to birds and butterflies are everywhere!

If you lodge at the Steelhead Inn, you’ll have a window that opens out onto this untouched wilderness. Every room in this spacious 9 room motel is river-fronted.

The grounds are meticulously maintained and they’ve recently added a large riverfront gazebo for your enjoyment. It’s fitted with Traeger BBQ grills and plenty of comfortable furniture.

Your perfect ‘event venue’

In addition to all the springtime activities of this area, the husband & wife team that own and operate this riverside hotel have made it a perfect place for gatherings of all kinds. Every amenity you could possibly require is made available. This lodging has been modified to serve both families and group gatherings as a ‘home away from home.’

Here are just a few of the types of groups we’ve hosted:

    • Family Reunions;
    • Rustic Weddings;
    • Biker’s Rendezvous’ (they love to see those bikes roll in!);
    • Girlfriend Getaways;
    • Participants or Attendees of the Jet Boat Races in Riggins;
    • Corporate Retreats for the Guys who bond while they Hunt & Fish;

and Writers Retreats, etc. have all frequented this respected establishment.

The relaxing and scenic drive from Lucile to Riggins is approx. 14 miles. The ribbon of highway cuts close and runs along the main Salmon River. As it’s a canyon, the hillsides rise almost straight up from the river to one side and highway 95 to the other side.

Thrilling outdoor recreation

This year the ‘Women With Bait Annual Fishing Derby’ will begin February 1st and conclude March 1st. You can find many links online and read reports of the fun had there! They say you either ‘cut bait or fish’ and they mean it! The Gals have their ‘Bait Boys’ and almost always go home with prized catches…- fish that is! Here’s a couple of links that will help you decide if you want to gather together a group of women and head for Steelhead Inn. You could BBQ all those Salmon there!

Don’t forget to double-check the dates, register times and fees here. 

Here’s a few excerpts taken from a ‘first timers blog’ that reports bits about her wonderful experience and the big one she caught!

“We saw big horn sheep and at least 100 head of beautiful elk along the hillsides throughout the day. In total, we landed 4 fish. Mine was 33 inches and I caught it at 4:10 PM. You could call it a day of a thousand casts. It was completely worth the effort and the thrill of reeling that fish in and landing it on the boat made it all worthwhile.

It was an adventure I might not have otherwise thought to take had a friend not shot me the email invite. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”
Guest Blogger: Susan Olson

biker, motorcycle

We love our biker friends!

Don’t forget that the Chinook return to the Salmon River as well as the Snake River every year – so you don’t need to enlist in a tournament to just go fishing! You can fish right off the bank at the Steelhead Inn Riverfront Motel!

Be sure and check out this link – it will be one of many that’ll have current info to help you decide when you’re coming down to have some fun! You can also call the hotel, of course, and they’ll know what’s happening in the area.

One of the events you’ll want to be sure to attend or participate in, is the famed Jet Boat Races held in April. Steelhead Inn has played host to the entire Jet Boat Racing team from New Zealand. Boy did everyone have fun with them.

Here’s a link to the Facebook page and there are some photos there that will hopefully persuade you to take a break from your work, your doldrums, if you have them, and come join us for this epic summer season.

If you like their Facebook page, be sure you LIKE ours too! All helps to get the word out.
Salmon River Jet Boat Races
Steelhead Inn


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