Why Should You Stay in Idaho for the Holidays?



Why Should You Stay in Idaho for the Holidays?

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The perfect time of the year to enjoy friends and family is during the holidays. For most people, the holidays provide a time for us to step back from our hectic schedule and even find time to enjoy a different location. If you are trying to find a location where you and your family could have some quality time, why not take a look at Idaho? Idaho offers a different type of holiday for the family.

Why Idaho is the state for you?

The wilderness offered by the state is one of the reasons why the state of Idaho becomes a premier location for friends and family during the holidays. In our age when you have mobile phones, tablets and internet, we sometimes forget to live life and experience things for our own good. Idaho offers combination of mountain ranges, rivers and even diversified ecosystem which you and your family will find interesting.

The Frank Church-River of no Return Wilderness area, or The Frank, has been one of the most popular spots that can be enjoyedsteelhead-inn-gift-card by families in the state. With roughly around 2.37 million acres of land area, it is the second largest protected wilderness in the United States. The Frank is composed of seven different national forests. The largest among the seven national forests that make The Frank is the Payette National Forest followed by the Challis National Forest.

Aside from the forested areas, the Salmon River, also known as the River of No Return, is another place that you can visit in the area. Named by pioneers because of its streams, it is now a popular spot for both fishing enthusiasts and also for those who want to experience water activities such as white water rafting.

Flowing 425 miles through the central region of Idaho, this area has been inhabited by different tribes for the last centuries including the Nez Perce. Here, they rely on the water’s ecosystem for both food and water. Whether or not you are a fan of white water rafting, there is something to enjoy in the river. Salmon River offers a peak at the magnificent rock formation carved by the river through thousands of years.

Idaho is also a perfect location for those who love to see different types of wildlife. It is considered a habitat even to some of the vulnerable species. This area is home to the mountain goats in the state’s rugged mountains. Also, here you can see large population of mountain lions, gray wolves, black bears, deer and elk.

Where to stay?

Riggins and Lucile are some of the best locations to settle in if you are going to visit the state. Here, you’ll be at the heart of all the things offered by Idaho. The problem with Riggins is that room occupancy in this area can easily run out especially during the holidays. An alternative is staying at a motel near Riggins. Here’s when you can pick Lucile as an ideal place to stay.

Steelhead Inn is a great place to stay. Located at Lucile, Idaho, right in front of the Salmon River, it offers 9 comfortable rooms with free TV and wifi. You also get to enjoy a family atmosphere where you could use the common kitchen to cook.

If you don’t have plans staying in Idaho for whatever reason, you can let your friends and family enjoy the state instead. There are available gift certificates that you can now purchase which could get your friends and family an opportunity to explore all the sights and sounds of Idaho.

For more information, you can call Steelhead Inn at (208) 628-4279 or visit Contact Us.

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