This Is A Slick Plan For This Year's Cruise To Sturgis



This Is A Slick Plan For This Year’s Cruise To Sturgis

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Sturgis Bound By Way Of Idaho’s Highway 95 –

Every year Sturgis is overflowing with motorcycle enthusiasts to participate or just witness the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014exciting Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Right now, the city is already abuzz with preparations for the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that will be held a few months from now on August 4th – 10th.

The city streets will be filled again with every kind of bike – custom, V-Twin or metric. You will be in awe with all the beautiful machines of every different design and monstrous engines. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014 is an experience of a lifetime that you will want to relive again and again. Aside from the motorcycle exhibits, there are also concerts and races that both participants and visitors can truly enjoy.

Taking The Scenic Route To Sturgis

Going to Sturgis as a group of riders is quite exciting and fun. Plan an earlier departure for your trip to Sturgis for a little bit of enjoyment and adventure along the way. The best way to travel to StrugisSturgis is to take Highway 95 through central Idaho and cruise along the Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness and the pristine Salmon River. Get to see vast open lands, majestic mountain ranges, verdant clusters of trees and native flora, and the tumbling river water. The route via Highway 95 is quite famous to bikers coming from the coast. Stopping in some areas to take in the scenery and the blue skies can be invigorating and refreshing.

Stopping For Some Rest And Fun

The long ride can be exhausting and it is imperative to get some sleep along the way. Near Riggins, the famous Steelhead Inn offers the best lodging on the Main Salmon River. This riverfront motel offers 9 spacious rooms ideal for intimate gatherings. Enjoy the community kitchen and dining room along with Kraeger grills for amenity conveniences. Relax with your favorite beverage at the gazebo on the Salmon River. Perfect for a group of riders needing a peaceful place to rest their feet and weary body. Actually, staying at the Inn for a few days before riding off to Sturgis can be a wondrous experience. One can enjoy the Salmon River and the surrounding beautiful landscape from your vista balcony. Your group can also enjoy some time off from the road for a bit of fishing, kayaking, or trekking. There are great fishing spots in the area and wondrous scenes and wildlife along the riverside.

Continuing The Ride

After a few days rest, it is time to continue the trip towards Sturgis. Leave the Inn before sunrise. As the morning light hits the landscapes, watch the beautiful scenery unfold right in front you. It is abikers magical time that will make you feel thankful for living on this great planet. Just riding along the Salmon River Canyon provides you with majestic views that will take your breath away at every turn. Make sure to enjoy the ride to Sturgis.

Reaching Sturgis city ahead of the crowd can provide you with leverage. You can choose the best spot to set up camp and find yourself a place to stay during the rally. Enjoy the hospitality of the people and see the bikers pour in right before the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally event. After the wondrous ride, it is time to put everything into gear and enjoy the show with high spirits.

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