Salmon River Adventure: Catch The 2015 Spring Chinook Season



Salmon River Adventure: Catch The 2015 Spring Chinook Season

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If there is any reason to hone your fishing techniques the soonest time possible, it is because of this April’s annual Chinook Season. Among the most highly anticipated events of the year, you can get a good amount of omega 3s for this month of the year.

For April of 2015, if you are still looking for a place to visit, it is time that you give the state of Idaho a chance. The state of Idaho is known for its magnificent wildlife both in land and in waters. This April 25, experience the earliest Spring Chinook Season approved by the state of Idaho. Last March, the state’s Fish and Game Commission, during its meeting in Boise, has come up with rules that would be applied in this year’s Spring Chinook Season.

With projected 11,700 Chinook Salmons for sport harvest this year coming from both lower and Little Salmon River, Snake River and Clearwater, they have come up with this year’s rules and regulations. For instance, in the Clearwater Basin area except in South Fork Clearwater Basin, expect the limit to be at four fishes a day, and only one of which should be an adult. On the other hand, in South Fork Clearwater Basin, Snake River, and Salmon River, anglers are only allowed to catch four fishes a day and only half should be adults.

Despite measuring 1000 Chinook Salmons observed in the Bonneville Dam last month, the largest number of Chinook Salmons in the last 11 years, expect that these rules mentioned are going to be followed for conservation reasons.

You should also be aware of the possession limits as well. For the Clearwater Basin area, you are limited to possess up to twelve fishes, and adults shouldn’t excess three. As for the South Fork Clearwater Basin, Snake River and Salmon River area, you are only limited to possess twelve, while carrying only half adults in the bunch.

Things you could also do in the area?

Aside from the Chinook Salmon season, it is always special to visit this part of Idaho if you love the outdoors. In fact, there’s so much more to expect from the Salmon River that meant not only for the fishing enthusiasts, but also for those who love the breath of fresh air.

In fact, you could even enjoy the outdoors with different water activities if you feel that fishing is not for you. Also, it is possible that you could just sit back and relax and enjoy the spectacular view from the River of No Return.

Where to stay?

If you want an instant access near the River of No Return, Steelhead Inn is the perfect place where you could stay for this year’s Spring Chinook SeasonSteelhead Inn is located in Riggins, Idaho, right in front of the Salmon River. With nine spacious and clean rooms, you’ll get the most comfortable vibe with Steelhead Inn. Other than feeling at home, you also get the convenience of having free WiFi access, not to mention a common kitchen where you could prepare your meals for the day ahead.

For more details and information feel free to contact us.

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