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Paradise Found in the Family Reunion

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Family Reunion Steelhead Inn

Lifetime Memories

If you pick Central Idaho as your location to gather together for a ‘traditional’ yet ‘alternative’ family reunion – you’re almost certain to repeat the event!  Now, that’s quite a confident, if not boastful, statement, so then let me bend your ear and justify my claim.

The Need to Gather Together

Do any of you readers remember family reunions where ‘the stories’ were told?  Sometimes they were at the funerals or the weddings, but best of all were the fun-filled family reunions.  If you’ve not had this experience then could you think of a better time than ‘now,’ to create it?

There was always that storyteller – that lively and dramatic person who could really ‘spin the yarn,’ yet it never eclipsed the less dramatic stories, especially the one you really needed to hear and learn from.  They become the oral recordings that make a family’s history.  Making a point to gather in person, to share how your life is really going – the victories & the defeats – that’s the real story we all crave hearing and yet we are in danger of making less and less room for it.  Sometimes not a word need be spoken and yet a story is told. Just seeing that someone ‘weathered the storm’ is a picture perfect way mark, not easily forgotten.

Family FunThat life-giving exchange, when ‘heart speaks to heart’ is healing & restorative. Most of life’s ills are far more depressing and painful than they need be because of the enforced isolation they engender. Being able to hear and tell those simple stories of hard-won wisdom and joyful serendipity forms the backbone of our humanity by marking our shared progress. It’s important, isn’t it, that we gift our children and grandchildren with this opportunity rather then sending them to the YouTube channel or the big screen movies in search of an inadequate substitute for the true sense of belonging.

 What Happens When You Turn Off those Digital Devices?

Sometimes we should just turn off those digital devices, pull away from those computer & TV screens – walk away and gather around a fire out under a blanket of stars to sit and really speak to one another, or sit in the awe-hushed silence together.  Sometimes that’s all we really need to do. Seriously folks, this hotel is perfect for that down-home style of meeting.  It is so comfortable that many have called it a “true home away from home” experience.

The unique feature of this Idaho lodging is that you can turn it into whatever you need it to be. It has 9 spacious rooms, some with kitchenettes, and every room is riverfront. There’s plenty of room on the meticulously maintained grounds to pitch a tent or park an RV if you need to.

Steelhead Inn Amenities & Local Activities

In order to satisfy the needs & wishes of a typical family reunion, you’ll want to know that the hotel has a family dining room, a laundry room, free WIFI, and a new and beautiful Gazebo right on the river that’s equipped with high-end BBQ grills and cozy, comfortable furniture.

There’s hiking for the more energetic and boating opportunities whether you ‘shoot the rapids’ for the thrill, or just want to float and fish.

Your pets are welcome and they seem to have a wonderful time running, jumping, swimming, and fetching.

Nearby Riggins hosts a calendar of lively events, such as Jet Boat Races & the Riggins Rodeo -both held in the spring.  Many choose to stay at the cozy & quiet Steelhead Inn so that after a hard day at play they can come back for a quiet evening.

 Nature’s Way to RestoreFamily hiking

If you feel like many, that the hustle and bustle of life has resulted in what feels like ‘paradise lost,’ then this entire area is yours to claim as ‘paradise found.’  Idaho is still regarded as an untouched wilderness – wouldn’t you like your children to see and experience this?

Join us here at the Steelhead Inn for a night, a week, a month…by yourself, or with your group, and like I brazenly stated at the opening of this blog post, it’ll get its hook in you and we’ll be sure to see you again, and again…and, again!

Below are a couple of links that will help you organize your family reunion and, if you’re inclined, assist you in exploring your family history:

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