Hunting Within The Area of Salmon River



Hunting Within The Area of Salmon River

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elk hunting idahoIdaho offers a different take on what most people call a vacation. What you can get in the state of Idaho is a first hand experience with nature, something that most people from the busy city don’t get to experience on an everyday basis. If you love the outdoors, then Idaho is the state that you would want to visit. Here, you can opt to go fishing, hiking, hunting, or indulge in water adventures.

Salmon River offers the most extraordinary outdoor activities for individuals and families alike. Located in Northwestern US, this river is also called The River of No Return. It flows through the “heart of  Idaho” and for 425 miles. It is considered among the largest rivers in continental US. Aside from being known for its white water rafting and fishing activities, it is also known for its wildlife and vegetation. It offers one of the best spots where outdoor enthusiasts could hunt.

Within the area of the Salmon River, it has a vast rugged area that can be enjoyed by the most experienced hunters. From steep rocky cliffs to lakes and grassy areas, these are some of the most common things you’ll see when you opt to explore what the area has to offer.

What to expect to hunt in the vicinity?

During rut, it is easy to find yourself with some deer and elk. Deer located within the Salmon River mountains are within the 150-180 class and above. As for the elks, it is typical to see one within the 280 range, or even get lucky with 320-330 trophy catch. Bears are also common within the area. Bruins typically lurk and could easily be hunted with the use of the appropriate baits. Lastly, if you want to hunt something that is rare, then perhaps, you’d want to look for the wolves. Just last year, it has been reported that a 120 pound gray male was seen roaming around the premises.

Guided hunts

Is it your first time to hunt in the area? If you want to be familiarized with the environment and to have the best hunting experience, there are professionals that are more than willing to provide guided hunts. Some have 30 years plus of experience in the business. As rule of thumb, if you ever prefer to go for the guided hunt, you can check with the Guides Licensing Board to see who you could go to.

Where to stay?

Steelhead Inn is located in Lucile, Idaho just a few steps away from the Salmon River. This allows you to have easy access to the best hunting spots within the vicinity of the Salmon River. With nine comfortable rooms, this makes a perfect place to relax after a day of hunting. Steelhead Inn offers free wifi, and TV for your complete relaxation.

Keep in mind though that you want make the reservation to Steelhead Inn early. You can contact them via (208) 628-4279. Expect times when they are fully booked since it is a popular home away from home for families, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts alike. You can also check their site:


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