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Hiking Trails to Visit In Riggins, Idaho

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hikingBlessed with great mountainous surroundings, it is a good idea to try hike trails and even biking in this state. Idaho has around 19,000 miles of hiking and biking trails that everyone can enjoy. It offers some of the best spots where you can enjoy the scenery either alone or with friends and family. One of the best places where you could experience the mountainous area of Idaho is Riggins. Here, you can find a number of trails to choose from. Here are some trails that you may want to visit.

Wind River

Wind River is located in the 206,000 acre Gospel Hump Wilderness. The southern part of the wilderness is where you will see the trailhead located just around 23 miles east of Riggins. What you can expect from this area is a beautiful scenery, with trail that is one of the best kept secrets of the area.

After a mile from the trail, here you will experience an increase in difficulty as the trail steepens. Here, you will see flowers such as the arrowleaf balsamroot, Indian Paintbrush and Larkspur especially during April and May. After the steep area of the trail, you can expect a saddle before descending around 200 feet into the forest.

The good thing about Wind River is that it allows hikers a remarkable view of the Salmon River Canyon, Mountains and Seven Devils Mountains. With 4,300 foot perch, this trail is around 9.5 miles in total. If you want to proceed further, you can further go to Moore’s Station which is another 20 miles.

Seven Devils Loop

Another great destination in Riggins is the Seven Devils Loop. The terrain itself is ideal for those who love the challenge of a rugged hike. It is a combination of both elevation and which makes it ever so popular for those who love the challenge outdoors.  Also, backpackers enjoy the 26.7 mile trail which brings them to the peak at 9,393 feet.

Few of the things that you will see in the Seven Devils Loop include heavily forested topography coupled with a magnificent view of Snake River in Hells Canyon.

Snake River-Kirkwood Ranch

Within the area of Riggins, you can also have a great time hiking the Snake River-Kirkwood Ranch loop found in Lucile, Idaho. The trail is a 10.5 mile moderate traverse that is accessible for hikers from March to November. Known for its wilderness, you can choose to hike the loop either clockwise or counter clockwise. It is also a great place if you want to camp. Sheep, Echo and Baldy are among the best campsites that you can go for. Though you can complete the loop by staying overnight, for some other campers they stay in the area even for a few more days to savor what this trail can offer.

Where to stay?

If you plan to enjoy multiple hiking and trail sites within the Riggins area, it is a good idea that you stay in Steelhead Inn. Steelhead Inn is a great rendezvous point especially for groups of people who are planning to stay for a couple of days exploring the mountainous regions of the area. Steelhead Inn offers clean and spacious rooms with free wifi and TV. Also, you can easily enjoy the view since the motel is just a few steps away from the Salmon River.

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