Guide to Hiking Idaho’s Salmon River Trail



Guide to Hiking Idaho’s Salmon River Trail

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hikiing salmon river trail

Guide to Hiking Idaho’s Salmon River Trail

Salmon River in Idaho is a popular travel destination for those who love water activities.  What most people don’t know is that the Salmon River is a gem for hikers as well. There are several areas where you could hike and have a camp. The Salmon River trails offers an alternative for those who are looking to spend some time in the area. With the Salmon River Trail, it is possible to access Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness.

Hiking the Salmon River Trail

What makes this a perfect location for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, is the fact that there are several established campsites within the area. Here, you could enjoy the beauty of nature with different levels of difficulties on the trail. There are different areas where you could access the Salmon River Trail. For instance, accessing the trail through the west end is among the most preferred options by most hikers. It is possible to make a 14 mile loop from this particular trail.

First step is to head southeast into the Kinzel Lake Trail for around 6.3 miles. From the Kinzel Lake Trail, you could also explore the Hunchback trail after 2.2 miles. From the Hunchback Trail, you can head to Green Canyon Way Trail for around 3 miles. Finally, for the final leg, you can have a 3.2 mile traverse into the Salmon River Road, and this is where you’ll see the camping site.

What to remember hiking the Salmon River Trail?

Keep in mind that the entire length of the Salmon River is 100 miles. Here, you’ll be welcomed by nature and you’ll see people doing fun water activities. Since the forest and the river support each other’s diversity, you need to look into the different regulations before you even explore the Salmon River Trail.

Preparation for the trail

There are many ways in which you could prepare for the trail. First thing that you need to do is to plan your hike and your activities. Do you plan to head to camp right away? Or perhaps, you are looking to enjoy the water activities as well? Next, you have to remember that Salmon River is quite a large area. If you are coming from Idaho, you want to ensure that you find the most ideal place to start in. Also, another recommendation is to always look at the potential places where you could camp. And lastly, make sure that you travel light. Make sure that you bring the necessities such as enough food and water.

Perfect place to start your journey?

One of the most perfect places where you could start your exploration of the Salmon River and the Salmon River Trail is Lucile, Idaho. Here, you are ideally located near Boise and other spots where you could entre the Salmon River and Frank Church Wilderness.

A lot of hikers stay in Steelhead Inn for a couple of reasons. For one, Steelhead Inn offers 9 comfortable riverfront villas. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy amenities such as wifi that could help you do your research before you head out to your hiking and other outdoor activities by morning. They also have a common kitchen/dining room where you could prep your meals.

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