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Salmon River ATV Loop

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A Guide to Experiencing The Salmon River ATV Loop

When we hear of Riggins, Idaho and other nearby places, the first thing that comes to mind is the Salmon River. Salmon River ATV LoopNestled deep in the canyon, this part of Idaho is found at an elevation of 1,821 feet above sea level. With only 419 population during the 2010 census, this part of the state offers peace and quiet far from the noise and the fast paced life of the city. Most people visit Riggins to check the fun water activities that they can do in the River of No Return. On the other hand, there are also a growing number of ATV enthusiasts in the area.

ATV and Off Road Activities

Known as the Salmon River ATV Loop, this is a popular route among many ATV and off road enthusiasts. With a 62 mile length, a number of hobbyists consider this as a long track. This provides a great experience as you feel the breeze and the fresh air of the mountains. Among the things that you will see in this 62 mile track include a number of beaches, out houses and camping areas along the Salmon River. The downside, most of the developed areas in this area may be inaccessible for most individuals.

Things to expect when visiting the Salmon River for an ATV Ride

One  of the things that you have to understand when visiting the area is that you can only go there on limited months, depending on the season. The Salmon River ATV loop is typically open from July to around September, in preparation to the colder season starting October.

ATV enthusiasts are advised to carry out extra precaution when it comes to traversing the loop. It is common to see timber along the trails. There are also some parts of the trail that have been burned by forest fires. It is a good idea to bring a saw if you are looking to complete the whole Salmon River ATV loop.

Also, it is important to bring the necessary clothing. During summer, though it is tolerable by day, you want to make sure that you are back to where you are staying at night as it could also be freezing by night time. Thunder storms and rains can also affect your trip as these are common occurrences in the area. In terms of temperature, riding along the river can give you a warmer feel, while expect a lower temperature as you reach higher elevation.

You may also encounter different types of animals from dogs to horses on the trail. Fortunately, you have some trail heads telling you how to interact with horses and other animals you might encounter.

What to bring in the area?

You should always bring drinkable water. Never attempt to drink water form the river or from the ground as it is not highly suggested. Also, you want to make sure that you maintain constant communication with someone in the area. Notify the place you are staying in where you are going and what time are you planning to come back. Since it is a 62 mile trail, this might be a good idea in case anything happened to your vehicle or if you are stuck midway.

How to get there and where to stay?

Contact the McCall ranger station, Payette National Forrest in order to know the availability of camping grounds if you opt to stay overnight. Also, a convenient option is staying in Steelhead Inn. Located in Lucile, Idaho, expect 9 spacious rooms, with free wifi and TV, not to mention a place where you can park your vehicle including your ATV.

Steelhead Inn
(208) 628-4279

McCall Ranger Station
(208) 634-0400

See photos of Steelhead Inn.

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