Graced by D-Day Survivor Visit to Steelhead Inn



Graced by D-Day Survivor Visit to Steelhead Inn

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What I call that special generation

When Jimmie got out of their car, I knew he was one of the men of what I call  “that special generation”. He reminded me of my Grandfather who died in 1961.d-day

It was June 6, 2014, 70 anniversaries’ since D-Day in WWII. Jimmie and Bobbie were just taking a drive up north for the day from Wieser, Idaho, Bobbie’s home town.  We were having a YARD SALE of giant magnitudes and things were a scattered from hell to breakfast.  They saw the sign and decided to stop in.

Blissful juncture

It was hot and we thought they were going to be a couple of minutes looking at the “stuff”. It turned out to be one of the most wonderful hour and a half conversation with two very special people from that golden generation.

Jimmie was present on D-Day, attached to 357th Fighter Group, 364th Fighter Squad.

He told us that he knew what he thought heaven looked like because he had spent so much time traveling the through Salmon River Canyon country.

Today, for Jimmie and Bobbie, it was another day in Heaven, looking at the mountains and river, while sitting in the cool Gazebo and visiting.

Truly grateful to be a part of this glorious life

Imagine, being youngest of 17 children and being the last one standing.  Enjoying every breath with a twinkle in their eyes.  93 years old and leaving no doubt that Bobbie was his number one!

No look what I done, No listen to all my accomplishments, No hint of sadness!  Just truly grateful to have been a part of life and all God’s Blessings.  Then taking the time to pass on those blessing to others.

Man, what a gift we received this D-Day Anniversary 2014.  One of those God  “appointments” we’re glad we kept!

Bobbie and Jimmie, you come back and see us again! Our light is always on for you!

Sincerely,d-day wwii

Kenn & Nancy Brown

June 6, 2014

“Robinson’s first major adventure was hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim. He had only been hiking for five months and had never spent the night out backpacking prior to that trip.”  Read more! The Norman Transcript

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For more information on Steelhead Inn

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