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Experience Hiking and Hunting at the River of No Return Wilderness

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There’s so much more to life than just the four corners of your office. If you are tired of the sedentary routine that you have to Moose 580.300perform on a daily basis, let Idaho give you a taste of something different. If you want to have an experience outdoors like no other, then this state is the perfect location for you. This is the venue where you can enjoy unspoiled locations that can help you reconnect with Mother Nature.

Idaho has more public lands than any state aside from Alaska. Also, aside from the rich land area that you can explore in this state, you can also enjoy vast wildlife in different parts of the state. For both casual and avid hiking and hunting and even fishing enthusiasts, the state of Idaho becomes the perfect location for hiking, salmon fishing, and elk hunting.

Study and pass the hunter’s course

Before you even carry that riffle, and head to the wilderness, you first need to make sure that you receive the proper course. Idaho hunter’s course focuses more on safety, in order to minimize/avoid any untoward incidences during your time in the wild. This type of certification course online is something that even a ten year old could take. After finishing the online course, you then have to attend the required field day. After successfully attending the Field Day, you get to receive your Idaho Hunter Education Certificate.

The River of No Return Wilderness

The Frank Church, also known as the River of No Return Wilderness Area offers 2.37 million acres of protected wilderness. Considered as the second largest protected area after Death Valley, this is home to different types of wildlife. The wildlife is then sustained by the several mountain ranges including Bighorn Crags, Salmon River Mountains and Clearwater Mountains.

The Frank Church consists of six different forests, the Payette National Forest being the largest, taking up 33% of the entire River of No Return Wilderness. In Payette National Forest alone, it is home to different wild flowers, 300 species of mammals and birds plus fishes that are protected under the endangered species act.

Place to stay?

If you are planning to take a trip to the state of Idaho, where should you stay? Steelhead Inn is the perfect spot for mountain hikers, hunters, and fishing enthusiasts alike. As a motel located near Riggins, this allows you to have access to the different outdoor activities.

Located in Lucile, Idaho, Steelhead Inn offers 9 clean and comfortable rooms. It also offers all the amenities that you will need to relax after hiking and hunting, or fishing. Every room is equipped with TV not to mention free wifi. There is also a common kitchen where you could prepare your meals before heading to your fishing and hunting trips.

As a motel near Riggins, and located a few steps away from the Salmon River, Steelhead Inn is right at the epicenter of outdoor activities. This motel is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts because of the relaxed atmosphere that it offers. In fact, it is considered the home away from home for the different guests of Steelhead Inn.

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