Experience Fourth of July Celebration in a Whole New Light!



Experience Fourth of July Celebration in a Whole New Light!

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Experience 4th of July in a Whole New Light!

Fourth of July is just around the corner and we all know what that means! It means fun and celebration. If you are in the fourth-of-july-celebration-steelhead-inn-lucilearea of Lucile, Idaho, then you are in the right place. This is the place where you can experience not only fireworks but even the cowboy lifestyle first hand. Aside from the cowboy lifestyle, it is also considered the second home to many hikers, ATV enthusiasts and those who love the water activities. If you are thinking of Independence Day to be just barbecue and fireworks, you better raise your expectations.

Experience the oldest rodeo

Starting in July, Grangeville Border Days, located 20 minutes away from Lucile will hold a number of interesting activities. Grangeville Border Days is Idaho’s oldest rodeo. Built in 1912, it has become a regular fixture in the state since then.

By July 2, you get the chance to enjoy the rodeo in a family friendly atmosphere. Starting 7pm, Grangeville Border Days will hold a family night where parents and kids could enter the event for $25 each.  There will be no alcohol seating available for this night.

By July 4, be sure that you go to the area early. For as low as $5, kids younger than 12 years old can already enter the venue. For kids 12 and up, it is $10 each. This is a great opportunity to experience rodeo and Independence Day all in one.

grangeville-border-daysBeginning July 2, there are parades that start at 2pm. By July 4th, the parade starts earlier than usual at 11am. This is going to be followed by the 4th of July rodeo that starts by 2pm. After the 4th of July, Grangeville Border Days will hold concerts for the entire family.

If live music and cold and frosty beverages tickle your fancy, top your day off  with a visit to The Establishment on Main Street in Grangeville. Enjoy one of Idaho’s largest beer gardens and great people sharing the warm hospitality of Grangeville.

Enjoy the outdoors

Other than the rodeo, it is highly suggested that you also take the time to enjoy the majestic outdoors of Salmon River Canyon. In fact, a lot of people go on vacation in Lucile for this purpose. It is possible to do hiking, enjoy boating, and even whitewater rafting in the Salmon River. Maybe you would rather just soak up the sun and build sand castles on the beach. You can do that too! It is also common to enjoy an ATV ride within the area and see the Salmon River’s luscious  view up close.

The Salmon River is also known as the River of no return. Flowing 425 miles, it is considered as the go to place of many outdoor enthusiasts. Whether looking to fish, or to just enjoy the sight of water, the Salmon River holds an appeal to everyone. And the fish have arrived! Chinook fishing is in high gear now!

You need to expect that on 4th of July, finding a place can be difficult. It is highly suggested that you make the reservation weeks prior to your visit in the area. If you want to experience both the rodeo vibe plus the outdoors, Lucile is an ideal place to stay in Idaho for your entire group or family. Grangeville is simply less than 30 minutes away, while you can enjoy the outdoors right on your doorstep. Just imagine sipping coffee in the morning at the gazebo before heading out to the rodeo, and then head back home to enjoy some quiet time in the evenings.  Steelhead Inn offers 9 rooms for families looking for a place to stay in for Fourth of July and the weekend that follows. With amenities such as wifi and river access, you can experience Independence Day in a whole new light. Our light is always on for you!

Make your reservations today by clicking here!

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Check out the action at The Establishment, North Central Idaho’s Premier Night Spot!

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