Experience a Different Idaho Adventure with Captain Kurt Killgore



Experience a Different Idaho Adventure with Captain Kurt Killgore

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Hells Canyon

Experience a Different Idaho Adventure with Captain Kurt Killgore

A lot of us have been stressed with work, and the usual nine to five workload in the office. For someone craving for a vacation, Idaho offers a breather from the stresses that you’ll typically experience from work. And if your idea of vacation is exploring the outdoors and experience nature first hand, Captain Kurt Killgore has become synonymous to Idaho’s unique outdoor experience.

Scenic and Wild River Tour

One of the most popular tours is the scenic river tour. This 70 mile tour allows you to experience the Snake River into the confluence of Imnaha as well as the Salmon River. Captain Killgore Adventures takes you to the historical Nez Perce Crossing, wherein you’ll see rock formations, picturesque sceneries and wildlife.

You’ll get to experience lunch by the riverside, while you could also take a dip downstream to feel rejuvenated during the entire tour. For those who are planning to take part of the scenic river tour, it is highly suggested that you take your camera and bring some sunscreen.

For someone who is a bit more adventurous, why not take part of the wild river tour. What makes this particular tour different from the scenic river tour? This 6 hour tour is a highly popular option for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers.The jet boats will take you through the deepest and the wildest portions of the Hells Canyon. Also, just like the scenic river tour, you’ll also be briefed with the historical sites, and even see wildlife in their natural habitat. And unlike the typical crowded tour, Captain Kurt Killgore Adventure tour takes tourists in a comfortable Bentz Jet Boat.

If you are planning to take the river tour with Captain Kurt Killgore, it is highly suggested that you take a look at the non-motorized calendar of the year. These are days when there are no motorized boats allowed in the Snake River.


Another popular option is that you go on a fishing tour. Everybody knows how different the fish tastes when it is served fresh. Guided fishing trips both in Snake and Salmon Rivers are becoming popular since not only do you have the help of friendly and professional guides, but you also get relaxed in the process as you enjoy the fishing tour.

Hunting tour

Nothing beats Idaho than hunting. Hunting adventures guided by Captain Kurt Killgore takes around three days. This guided hunting tour is perfect for both beginners and hunting enthusiasts. There are special offers for the new hunter, wherein you could have a one on one personal hunt. Here, you’ll learn a thing or two about the parameters and basics of hunting. The 3 day hunting rate is at $1800 per shooter.

If you want to experience the best of what Idaho could offer, it is highly suggested that you plan where to stay. Steelhead Inn, located in Lucile, Idaho is a riverfront motel that offers family friendly vibe. It offers a stunning view of the Salmon River. Steelhead Inn offers nine rooms that the family could enjoy. Also, you’ll have free WiFi, as well as TV in every room.

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