What to Expect at the 66th Riggins Rodeo



What to Expect at the 66th Riggins Rodeo

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Riggins Set To Host 66th Annual Rodeo

Riggins Rodeo

Riggins, Idaho has been known for its great outdoor activities. It is one of those spots where families can gather and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Whether you are a fan of trekking, or water activities such as fishing and kayaking, you will never encounter a dull moment in this place. Riggins is the perfect place that can provide you with great moments to cherish and remember for years to come.

Is this all there is to Riggins? What many people don’t know is that Riggins is also a place for cowboys and cowgirls.  If you haven’t heard of their rodeo in this part of Idaho, you are missing a lot.  Annually, you can experience the best of sights and sounds of the rodeo. From the horses to the bulls, to the cowboys and cowgirls, all of these things are present in the annual Riggins Rodeo event.

Rodeo in Riggins, Idaho

bull riding riggins rodeoIf the great cowboy era from the yesteryears tickles your imagination, you should give the Riggins Rodeo a try. Since the 1700s, rodeos have been practiced in different parts of the world. In the modern day, you can get a glimpse of what it was like to live as a cowboy during those years. From bronco riding, riding bulls and tie down roping competitions, there is enough excitement at a rodeo.

In the state of Idaho, the very first rodeo of the season happens in Riggins. The Riggins Rodeo is a popular event for the lastCalf Roping Rodeo six decades. This event is a must see for anyone who is in the area from May 3rd to May 4th 2014. For the past 66 years, Riggins has showcased this rodeo as one of the much awaited events of the year. Countless cowboys and cowgirls have graced the occasion from riding bulls to riding horses. The excitement never stops in the Riggins Rodeo.

For anyone who is living and breathing the rodeo life, it is good idea that you experience this year’s annual rodeo event. Every year, people from all over the US and even abroad go to Riggins in order to witness the thrills and excitement that Riggins Rodeo has to offer. Since riding bulls and horses is not really for everyone, you can still enjoy this event as part of the audience.

Where do you stay?

Rodeo 2014You can expect a large turnout during these events in Riggins. In fact, getting a room to stay in could be a problem. What you want to do instead is to take Lucile, Idaho as an option when finding a place to stay. Steelhead Inn Lodging is more than willing to accommodate you and your family and friends if you are planning to go to the rodeo this May 3-4.

Steelhead Inn offers not only a comfortable place to stay, but also an exquisite location to make it even better. Situated on the main Salmon River, Steelhead Inn guarantees relaxation. With 9 spacious rooms to choose from, some with kitchenettes, and amenities such as wi-fi and TV, you get the best location when going to the Riggins Rodeo and more!


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