Enjoy Mushroom Hunting in Riggins,Idaho



Enjoy Mushroom Hunting in Riggins, Idaho

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Enjoy Mushroom Hunting in Riggins, Idaho

Riggins has been the home to Native Americans for thousands of years. The forested area provided their day to day needs. In fact, today, it is still obvious just how pristine the area is. In this part of Idaho, if you are not after the water activities, you may want to try to explore the different trails available in this part of Idaho. If you are after a different experience, you might enjoy mushroom hunting. Also called mushroom picking, this describes the activity where you gather mushrooms in the wild for eating.

History of Mushroom Picking

Mushroom hunting has become a tradition for different places all over the world. From Japan to Australia, to parts of Europe, this activity is something existent for thousands of years. There is a strong cultural significance to mushroom picking in different parts of the world, In fact, in Slavonic and the Baltic countries, mushroom picking is a family activity. They go to the nearest forested area together and pick those that will be used for dinner. There are also some festivals that popularized mushroom picking in different parts of North America. In Buena Vista, Colorado for instance, there is the Buena Vista Heritage Mushroom Festival. There are also mushroom festivals in Madisonville, Texas as well as in Richmond Missouri.

Aside from eating, there are many types of mushrooms that could be used for medicinal purpose. The Ganderma lucidum for instance, has been known in Asia to be a medicinal mushroom. Even in today’s time, there are antibiotics that came from mushrooms. For instance, retapamulin came from a mushroom isolate.

What are the common mushrooms you can pick?

Button mushrooms

The button mushrooms are the more common mushrooms to be picked. In fact, in Canada in 1996, $209 million worth of button mushrooms were sold.

Shaggy Ink Cap

This type of mushroom turns into ink once it becomes old. You want to make sure that you only pick the young ones. Also, there are cases when those who pick the mushroom get poisoned due to the fact that they are living in a highly polluted area. This type of mushroom is a highly effective pollutant absorber.

Mushroom King

Part of genus Boletaceae, The Mushroom King is the most tasty and legendary mushroom there is. In fact, this type of mushroom can be consumed raw.


This type of mushroom is more popular in Europe. What makes this type of mushroom a favorite among those who picks them, is the fact that this type is rarely infested by worms or larvae. When the mushroom is already decaying, it is easy to take out the rotting part from the portion that is still edible.

MorelMorel Mushroom

Morchella is an edible mushroom that is closely related anatomically to the cup fungi. This distinct mushroom appears in honeycomb appearance and is used by a number of chefs all over the world. In fact, if you are looking for French cuisine, this is a great addition to it.

Where can you stay to experience Mushroom Hunting?

Steelhead Inn is the perfect location where you can rest before or after you enjoy the wilderness. Steelhead Inn offers villas right next to the river. Complete amenities, from TV to Wi-Fi, Steelhead Inn offers guaranteed relaxation . Located near Riggins in Lucile, Idaho, you get an access to not only mushroom hunting but also to other outdoor recreational activities such as kayaking and fishing. Their light is always on for you!

Poisonous Mushrooms

A word of caution. There are many poisonous mushrooms in the wild. Do not eat poisonous mushrooms!  This blog does not represent official information, only our perspective. Please take responsibility in understanding what it is you digest. When in doubt, throw it out!

We hope you enjoyed our blog and enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.


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