Enjoy Your Family Reunion in Idaho’s Salmon River and Boise National Forest



Enjoy Your Family Reunion in Idaho’s Salmon River and Boise National Forest

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Enjoy Your Family Reunion in Idaho’s Salmon River and Boise National Forest

Modern day devices attached to the internet along with our busy life at work can get in the way of quality time with the family. What most people don’t realize is that they are missing a lot when they get caught up with things such as work and modern day distractions. This is the reason why a lot of people are now looking at Idaho as the place to visit for some quality time with the family. Family reunions are constantly held in Idaho. With its beautiful scenery, and venues where you could be one with nature, it is a perfect location for families looking to cherish priceless moments with each other.

Boise National Forest and Salmon River

One of the best things to do during your family reunion is by visiting what nature has to offer. The Boise National Forest is becoming a popular option for families and individuals looking for some respite from their busy work in the office.

Ranked as the second largest forest in the list of National Wilderness Preservation, the Boise National Forest is located in the vicinity of Frank Church-River of No Return area. Since there are logging restrictions, you and your family will be able to enjoy the wonders of nature. Traversing the Boise National Forest, the use of motorbikes, mountain bikes and even jet skis are not allowed, allowing you to enjoy nature at its finest. Here, you’ll have the chance to bond with your family in the absence of modern distractions. Once you visit Boise National Forest, you could also drop by neighboring towns including Grangeville, Salmon and McCall.

How to get there? One of the most exciting ways on how you can gain access to Boise National Forest is through Salmon River. Using a float boat from Middle Fork and Salmon River, you’ll be amazed by things that you will see in the area.

The Salmon River is another reason to visit the state of Idaho. Dubbed as the River of No Return, Salmon River is the considered a perfect spot where you and your family could enjoy the presence of each other. Here, you can do whitewater rafting, fishing or just enjoy the scenery offered by the majestic Salmon River.

Where to stay?

Now that you have both Salmon River and Boise National Forest on your list of potential places to visit in Idaho, you might want to consider where to stay. Steelhead Inn, located in Lucile, Idaho offers an ideal location for families who are looking to reunite on their family reunion. Steelhead Inn has a common kitchen where you and your family could cook the meals to be used for the entire day. With 9 rooms to choose from, and amenities such as wifi to help you and your family prepare for your trip on the next day, this makes as a perfect place to stay in if you are looking for an escape from work and everyday distractions.

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