Enjoy 2015 Valentine's Day Lodging on the Salmon River



Enjoy 2015 Valentine’s Day Lodging on the Salmon River

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Valentines Day Salmon RiverValentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s that special time of the year when you and your special someone enjoy the day as a couple. For most people, this is a very stressful time of the year. Reservations to your favorite restaurants and flowers can get quite rough. If you are running out of ideas, and if you think that dates in the city can be quite passé, then perhaps you will find our suggestion, enjoying Valentine’s Day lodging on the Salmon River, interesting.

One of a kind Valentine’s Day

If you are looking to have a different kind of Valentine’s Day, an ideal place to discover is the Salmon River. Salmon River is considered by many as the River of No Return, mainly due to its areas with rugged waters. The River of No Return is approximately 425 miles, and located in Central Idaho. You could experience Salmon River in different parts of Idaho including Stanley, Riggins, Clayton and even Lucile.

So you might be asking what makes Salmon River the perfect destination for couples this 2015 Valentine’s Day? If you love peace and quiet, this place is the perfect location where you can have quality time with your special someone. Here, you’ll experience a laidback lifestyle where you wake up to the sound of the river flowing.

You can also do a tremendous number of activities from hiking, to mountain biking and even camping. There are also some couples that prefer to even travel through the edge of Salmon River using an ATV. Here, you can find yourself one with nature as you get to feel the breeze in your face. A popular activity on the Salmon River is white water rafting. Here, get your adrenaline pumping as you experience why the Salmon River is considered the River of No Return!

Salmon River is even more popular for its wildlife. Since the Salmon River is home to tribes including the Nez Perce, everything within the vicinity has been well preserved. It has an abundance of salmon, and has historically produced around 45% of all steelhead located in the Columbia River Basin.  Here, you regularly see people fishing and hunting.

You can expect a Valentine’s Day by the Salmon River to be quite different mainly because of the things you won’t normally see elsewhere.

Where do you stay to enjoy Valentine’s Day lodging on the Salmon River?

Steelhead Inn near Riggins

View From Your Room

So where can you stay if you want to see and experience everything that Salmon River offers? Or maybe you are looking for a scenic and romantic getaway, just you and your sweety. Steelhead Inn, located in Lucile, Idaho is the perfect place to lodge and spend your Valentine’s Day.

This riverfront Inn offers up to 9 villas to choose from. If you choose to stay at Steelhead Inn, you will get to wake up to the beautiful view and sounds of the Salmon River. There will be a good chance that you will see wildlife along the river while enjoying a continental breakfast. Guaranteed to be peaceful and quiet, you will have a memorable Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Here, you can stay comfortable, in your room with amenities such as TV and wifi,

Steelhead Inn also offers a common kitchen and dining room where you could prepare your meals, or you can sight see for the entire day. Lucile is an ideal location in Idaho as you can head directly to Riggins where you can find attractions that make Idaho a unique state to be in.

For more information on outdoor activities in the Salmon River Canyon, visit our blog posts here.

If you would like more information about visiting Steelhead Inn, contact us here.

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