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Big Water Blowout River Festival

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big water blowout river festival

Big Water Blowout River Festival

Are you the type who is looking for a thrilling adventure to be enjoyed by the entire family? If yes, then you’d love to visit Idaho this June. Idaho is known as the “wild river state” and home to not just hunting and fishing activities but of outdoor activities as well such as whitewater rafting. This June 4, 2016, Idaho’s going to have its annual Big Water Blowout River Festival. It is Idaho’s biggest event of the year for whitewater activity.


Idaho’s Big Water Blowout River Festival is going to be held in Riggins, Idaho and on the Salmon River. Dubbed as the River of No Return, expect huge rapids, not to mention stunning scenery and wildlife. Located in the Northwestern portion of the US, Salmon River flows 425 miles, occupying mainly the 14,000 square mile watershed. Considered as the second deepest gorge in North America, this place offers an adventure that you will never forget.

What to expect?

Food, music and other fun filled activities are waiting for you and the entire family. Arrive in town and find yourself enjoying a Dutch Oven Cook-Off Contest. After enjoying delicious dishes, specially made for the Big Water Blowout River Festival, you can also listen to great live music that evening. The main attraction is the adventure on the Salmon River with professional river guides. Don’t miss the thrill of it all!

If you plan to visit this year, you could avail of the services of several outfitters. Their services include all safety gear and transportation services for you to have a hassle free day. The price for these services will range between $30 to $35. As for the location where to experience the best rapids, you could expect the best ones in between Lucile and Spring Bar.

And, what if you don’t want to get wet and you just enjoy the scenery? If you are the type who simply looks forward to the magnificent views, try Ruby, Lake Creek and Chair Creek Rapids from the sideline.

Since The Big Water Blowout River Festival is a highly anticipated event, expect a great number of people to visit Riggins! The boats and the dory boats offered start as early as 9am. If you and your crew are going to this year’s Big Water Blowout River Festival, you’ll need to plan carefully where you wish to stay. It is a good idea to be early to be able to enjoy the scenery and have a full day during the Big Water Blowout River Festival.

Steelhead Inn

Steelhead Inn offers one of the best options to stay in if you wish to witness the Big Water Blowout River Festival. This riverfront motel is located in Lucile Idaho, riverside of the Salmon River. Not only does it offer an ideal starting point, but it also offers amenities such as free WiFi and TV. With nine comfortable rooms to choose from, and a common kitchen where you could prepare your meals, Steelhead Inn offers guests the ideal spot where they could enjoy the Big Water Blowout River Festival.

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