Big Water Blowout River Festival in Riggins Idaho



Big Water Blowout River Festival in Riggins Idaho

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Riggins, Idaho has a landscape filled with natural beauty. This venue has been known for those who love to experience Big Water Blowout Riggins Idahothe outdoors because of its overall topography. One of the best reasons to visit Riggins soon this year is the Salmon River. Also known as the River of No Return, the Salmon River flows a length of 425 miles, where a number of fun activities could be enjoyed. Known as one of the largest rivers not only in the state of Idaho, but in the country, Salmon River boasts of one of the best rapids that many world class outfitters love and an annual event you don’t want to miss. The Big Water Blowout River Festival!

Experience the Big Water Blowout River Festival

Located just 153 miles north of Boise, and 114 miles south of Lewiston, Riggins is centrally located and easy to reach. It attracts a number of people during its annual events such as the Big Water Blowout River Festival. For more than 14 years of exciting Big Water Blowout River Festivalsthe event returns to Riggins on June 7, 2014. This one day festival features a family friendly atmosphere including $30 raft runs, great music as well as great food.

For the past years, the rapids of Idaho’s Salmon River have become an attraction for many adrenaline junkies to those who simply love to see action. The best rapids during this time of the year can be seen between Spring Bar and Lucile. For $30-$35, you can live and experience first hand what the Annual Big Water Blowout River Festival is all about. With all safety gear and shuttle transport included, you can find your heart jumping as you enjoy the best of whitewater rafting.  For those looking to experience water sports, be sure to be there around 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to experience the fun. Performing live that evening will be Old Death Whisper Band.

Since this event has also catered to those who simply want to relax and have fun with friends and family, you can see spectacular views in spots such as Ruby, Lake Creek, Time Zone, or Char Creek Rapids.

More reasons to check the Big Water Blowout River Festival

If you think that the event is just about the rapids, and the whitewater activities, well…not so…there is more. Riggins is a fun place to be in at this time of the year. You can even join the River Festival & Dutch Oven Cook-Off. Here, you can enter your specialty if you love to cook. Otherwise, you can simply get your own plate and savor the dishes.

What to expect?

Annually, a huge turnout is always expected for the Annual Big Water Blowout River Festival. You see families and friends meeting one another from different parts of the Pacific Northwest or carpooling to the area to experience and witness the great rapids of the Salmon River. Also, there are those who simply want to just getaway from the city life and relax with family and friends for the weekend.

If you plan to enjoy every bit of the weekend, it is highly suggested that you have a reservation within the area, the day before the Big Water Blowout River Festival. This way, you waste no time getting into the venue not to mention minimize the hassle. If you are looking for a riverfront place to stay to enjoy RigginsBig Water Blowout River Festival, the doors of Steelhead Inn, located in Lucile are open. With 9 riverfront rooms, area for parking, free wifi and TV, there is no reason to leave the river. You will be able to have the best place to relax and jump start your day.

Motel and gazebo on the main Salmon River

Beautiful gazebo on the main Salmon River for stunning river views and access.

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