8 Simple Tips To Teach Your Children To Love The Outdoors



8 Simple Tips To Teach Your Children To Love The Outdoors

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8 Simple Tips To Teach Your Children To Love The Outdoors

In a time wherein we have increased our dependence on technology, it is hard to relax or even enjoy the simple things in life. However, the outdoors will make things interesting, especially for children. The outdoors offers opportunities for children to understand the complexities of the world we are living in. If you have kids, it is imperative that you teach them the wonders of exploring new things especially the outdoors. But of course, there are instances wherein it becomes tricky to get kids to enjoy the outdoors. Here are simple tips on how to get kids enjoy the outdoors and step out of their comfort zones!

Start them young

When is the best time to get kids to enjoy the outdoors? It’s the time when they are very curious of their surroundings. Once they start asking why is the sky blue, and why are roses red, this is the perfect time for parents to get children to enjoy a bit of the greenery.

Explore your backyard

For most parents, they overwhelm their kids by starting the outdoor activities in areas that require hours of travel time. Why not start enjoying the park nearby? Or perhaps, you could also enjoy your own backyard?

Do your own research

Part of children’s experience is learning from the outdoors. Why not do your own research as well? Try to give the child a few facts as you explore the outdoors. For instance, if you’ve seen a caterpillar, why not give a brief lecture about metamorphosis and how these creatures turn into butterfly within their lifetime?

Go fishing

Kids love the water, and fishes. If you could arrange a weekend wherein you and your child could enjoy fishing activities, this is a relaxing weekend in the making. Teaching your child how to fish first hand can potentially lead them to enjoy the outdoors.

Buy magnifying glasses and binoculars

Since kids love to observe, why not enhance their senses by having binoculars and magnifying glass as you stroll to the woods. Here, you could enjoy bird watching, and observe even the smallest insects.

Bring the outdoors inside the house

It is also possible that you bring the outdoors inside your house to get the kids to love the outdoors. How exactly do you do this? Why not get your child a small aquarium or an ant farm that could tickle their imagination of the world that is out there.

Let them camp in your garden

If you have a garden or a backyard, why not allow your kids to enjoy the night camping right outside the house. This will give them a sense of what it’s like with the elements. But of course, they won’t be overwhelmed if you start things small.

Teach them practical outdoor skills

Setting up a tent, lacing up their hiking boots and determining and picking edible fruits are just some of the things that you could teach a child. These are practical, but easy to understand outdoor skills that could come in handy if you want them to really love nature.

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