5 Things You Need to Know Before Jet Boating Hells Canyon



5 Things You Should Know Before Jet Boating Hells Canyon

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5 Things You Should Know Before Jet Boating Hells Canyon

You have decided to go straight to Idaho and experience the outdoors. Perhaps, you are the adventurous type who learned somewhere that Jet Boating the Hells Canyon offers a great adrenaline rush as it offers both scenic and rapid waters. But before you sign up for this fun boating experience, what are the things that you need to know first? Here are five things you have to know about jet boating Hells Canyon.

Deepest river gorge

Hells Canyon is a 10 mile canyon located in Western region of Idaho. It is known, for being North America’s deepest river gorge at around 7,993 feet. The canyon was carved mainly by the Snake River. Aside from being the deepest, it is among the most popular attractions in the North West. Who wouldn’t want to visit this spectacle of nature?

Inaccessible by road

For the most parts of the canyon, you could expect a rugged terrain. In fact, if you read about Hells Canyon information, most of the areas are inaccessible by road. Thus, if you are planning to take the jet boating tour, you have no other option but to enjoy the ride from start to end.

More than just wild waters

Hells Canyon National Recreational Park covers around 65,000 acres. It offers a number of activities including hiking, mountain biking and even fishing. This makes the location perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. For those who go on river tours, it is also typical that tourists enjoy a swim in the waters of Hells Canyon.

In fact, you also have the option to enjoy the history of the entire area. This location has been known for home of the Nez Perce people. For the companies that offer river tours, they’d typically provide tidbits of historical background on the place as well.

Days with no motorized boats

It isn’t every day that motorized boats are allowed in the river. Therefore, you have to choose the dates when you are supposed to visit and have your river tour. Fortunately, if you can’t do the river tour, Hells Canyon National Recreational Park offers so much more.

Perfect for the entire family

Perhaps, you are looking for a fun activity that you can do with your entire family. If so, Hells Canyon still offers a great variety of fun activities that could be enjoyed by the entire family. And if you think that it always involves the rugged parts of the river, this isn’t exactly the case. For those with children, it is a good idea to take the scenic river tours, instead of the wild river tours. If you plan to introduce the outdoors to your family, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Where do you stay? If you are looking for a place where you could stay with the entire family, Steelhead Inn is a perfect location where you could start your adventure. Located in Lucile, Idaho, this riverfront motel provides a view of the Salmon River. It has nine spacious rooms, with a common kitchen where you are allowed to prepare your meals before you head out to your adventure. It also has amenities such as wifi and TV for every room.

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