5 Reasons to Explore Riggins When Visiting Idaho



5 Reasons to Explore Riggins When Visiting Idaho

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5 Reasons to Explore Riggins When Visiting Idaho

Idaho is known for its greenery, cowboy lifestyle, not to mention opportunities to reconnect with nature. As you visit the state of Idaho, one of the least explored areas is Riggins. As a background, Riggins is located approximately 150 miles from Boise. It has an elevation of 1,821 feet above sea level. Known for being a mountainous area, it offers a lot of things to those who love to relax and stay away from their busy schedules.

If you are already excited to visit Riggins, Idaho, here are five reasons to explore the area!

You can experience Salmon River in Riggins

Salmon River is known as the River of No Return. With rugged watershed, it serves as home to a variety of wildlife. In fact, The River of No Return has been known to produce a great number of steelheads and summer Chinook salmons.

What makes the Salmon River interesting is the fact that you could do a lot of fun activities in this part of Riggins. Fishing, whitewater rafting, or relaxing by the riverfront are some of the most popular activities you could do in this part of Idaho.

Experience wilderness day tours

For the adventurous type who wants to see more than the waters of the Salmon River, it is possible to take on wilderness tours in Riggins. To give you an idea what to expect, it involves camping, fishing and even a bit of hiking. Here, you could experience rapids and even hunt if you have the necessary permit.

Enjoy the rodeo life

Are you somewhat intrigued how it is like to live the cowboy lifestyle? If so, Riggins is a  popular venue because of the rodeo. From the traditional parade to the fun activities for the entire family, Riggins has been popular for their cowboy lifestyle.

Learn a thing or two about history and culture

There is variety of people who lived in the Salmon River over the years. If you are interested in seeing what it was like to live 8,000 years ago, you’ll see a number of areas in the Salmon River that have been occupied by the Nez Perce people for over thousands of years.

Salmon sacred ceremony is among the things that you don’t want to miss as you visit Riggins. It happens around May.

Action and adventure

Every April, Riggins easily transforms as a hot spot for the annual jet boat race. Here, competitors from North America do their best as they try to compete not only with each other but also with the rugged River of No Return.

Given all these activities that you could try in Riggins, Idaho, it could be a tiring day. Now, if you are looking for a place to stay in Riggins, it is highly suggested to stay in a comfortable place right in front of the Salmon River. Steelhead Inn offers the best place where people could stay in, if they decide to visit Riggins. It offers 9 comfortable rooms with TV, and guests get to enjoy free WiFi as well. You could also prepare your meals using the common kitchen.

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