30th Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races



30th Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races

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Whitewater Capitol of the WorldSalmon River Jet Boat Races

At 1,800 feet, Riggins is located where you can enjoy the wilderness and nature. Riggins, Idaho is considered as the whitewater capital because of the number of activities that you can do in the water. Here, families take their time to enjoy the outdoors during their vacation. If you are a fan of watersports, the Salmon River will definitely give you the best time. It is home for many water recreation, as well as hiking activities for the entire family.

The River of No Return

The Salmon River is one of the largest rivers in the US without a dam on its mainstem. It is the home to the longest running river jet boat race in the country today. The River of No Return as it is more popularly known is located in Northwestern US, in Idaho. The river has been known to flow for 425 miles.  This place is considered home to Native Americans for the last 8,000 years.

Salmon River is popular destination for those looking to experience water activities first hand such as whitewater kayaking and canoeing. One of the most highly anticipated events of the year is the Salmon River Jet Boat Races. This annual event is considered as the must see event in Riggins, Idaho. This is the longest running jet boat race in North America. In fact, people from all over the world flock to the Salmon River just to witness and support their favorite teams. Race teams across the US and Canada compete not only for the pot money but also for the bragging rights!

Salmon River Jet Boat RacesWhen is the 30th Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races Going to Happen?

The highly anticipated annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races is going to be exciting this year. This is the first of the US Jet Boat Race Series for 2014. Organized by the Salmon River Jet Boat Committee, this year’s event is going to be conducted April 18-20, 2014. Expect high speed boat teams from all over the country compete not only against their opponents but against the River of No Return. Expect this year to be a mean and tough event that will not only be fun but also exciting to watch.

Where is the Best Place to Stay to Experience the 30th Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Races?

Steelhead Inn has been the go-to place of families, friends and even those who simply love the outdoors. It has offered the perfect spot where you can enjoy the outdoors, and still be able to have your privacy.  Steelhead Inn offers the perfect quiet getaway after a day of races in town. Bring your entire friends and family to the beautiful Steelhead Inn and enjoy the three day event like no other. We provide nine rooms along with a gazebo by the river. Not only that, enjoy BBQ grills and amenities from Steelhead Inn. For the guests’ convenience, Steelhead Inn provides a laundry room, free Wi-Fi and TV among many others. If you are coming as a group, you really do not have to worry, as we have not only 9 rooms but also a community kitchen and dining room.

Salmon River Jet Boat Races

Salmon River Jet Boat Races

Enjoy some YouTube video clips from previous race weekends, courtesy of our friends at Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing.     Click here!

For OFFICIAL RACE INFORMATION, visit: https://www.facebook.com/SalmonRiverJetBoatRaces

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